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Mental wellbeing is clearly a key aspect of the workplace with stress, anxiety and poor sleep leading to inefficiency, reduced quality, a negative atmosphere, staff sickness and more.

What to do about this is not so clear. Working with an expert partner to help problem solve and guide you is a great way to take on these challenges head first and create solutions. Elephant is that partner.

Elephant has carefully planned programmes that we adapt alongside you to suit your business.

How it works

Diagnostics - We recommend starting with our diagnostics to correctly identify the issues you have. This generates a series of charts rich with information to help us plan your programme and give us a baseline from which to work.

Mental Health Policy & Programmes - we deliver the identified programmes and support staff to embed changes.

Monitoring and Evaluation - Essential to determine programme success we continue to monitor to ensure effectiveness.

Effective Programmes

Our aim is to work with you to support you with the running of our programmes and ongoing implementation of plans. This will enable you to keep learning from our expertise whilst you improve the mental wellbeing of your workforce.
Unique Blend

We offer a unique blend of coaching, management and lived experience of mental health issues. Our coaching and management expertise enables us to deliver programmes that are relevant to your workplace and equip your staff with the key skills needed. Our lived experience expertise allows us to deliver courses in a way that brings the issues to life to improve understanding.

Designed to suit you

Course designs to suit you – we flex our programmes to best suit you. We start with ½ day sessions separated by 1-2 weeks or longer. This enables you to put learning into practice as well as engaging other staff to enrich the process.

We can help you

From comprehensive workplace wellbeing policies to Managers programmes, our tailored courses offer something for everyone.

Need advice?

If you’re not sure which programme would suit your organisation or would like to know more information, contact us to discuss.

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