Experts through experience:

The company has been setup by two directors that have totally diverse yet complementary backgrounds. This unique combination provides a wealth of experience unrivalled in the mental health field.

Over 18 years experience in NHS in mental health

Management and coaching in the first UK Recovery College, pioneering strategies and routines that aid the rebuilding of lives through understanding of what has happened and preparing for future challenges. Experience setting up systems, creating courses and delivering in a Forensic Recovery College.

Over 20 years experience in Business:

Founder and managing director of a multi office estate agency practice that was latterly affected by mental health issues.

A coach qualified to ILM level 7 in Executive Coaching having coached people from a wide range of sectors.

Over 12 years lived experience with Mental Health Illness

Our Education Director lives with the more common mental health conditions anxiety and depression, which are often triggered by Stress.

He is keen to share the experiences that have helped him understand and overcome his condition and his perspective will help you to cast a clearer light on issues that are not usually well understood.

Over 16 years of management experience

Working with teams with high percentages of staff with mental health/ wellbeing issues. Meeting and exceeding targets and expectations along the way.

What can we do for you?

We can help you

Elephant in the Room has designed programmes for each of the intervention points in the Deloitte report. From comprehensive workplace wellbeing policies to Managers programmes, supported by Mental Health First Aid courses.

Need advice?

If you’re not sure which programme would suit your organisation or would like to know more information, contact us to discuss.