Experts through experience

The company has been setup by two directors that have totally diverse yet complementary backgrounds. This unique combination provides a wealth of experience unrivalled in the mental health field.

Jeremy Coutinho

Elephant Founding Director

With over 20 years of management experience in NHS mental health services I have learnt to successfully support clients and staff with their mental health. I am passionate about changing the way mental health is supported in society and have learnt the tools and techniques to make that change a significant and effective one. I am committed to giving the support they need to transform the way they deal with mental health.

Having managed and developed the UK’s first Recovery College into the UK’s number one Recovery College, I have extensive experience of producing high quality training that clearly delivers on its aims for transformational change. As an ILM level 7 Executive Coach I know how to coach companies to develop the ways they support staff to maximise their potential and productivity.

Peter Rolfe

Elephant Founding Director

The founder and managing director of a successful multi office estate agency practice, I was latterly affected by mental health issues. Undiagnosed and unmanaged this almost took everything from me including my business. I have since learnt to live with anxiety and depression and deal better with stress and have a new wonderful supportive family.

I have used my life experiences to share with others to enable them to understand better what they are going through and how they can learn how to live well with their conditions and maximise their potential. Hearing from someone with life experience can change the way staff with mental health issues view themselves and can be the key to real growth.

Lisa Androulidakis

Elephant Consultant

Prevention is better than cure

I built Canada’s largest and first open access Recovery College, a service that could support anyone, at any stage of a mental health challenge, to find the support they need. This thinking has led to significant shifts in how mental health is treated.

From coaching senior leaders and managers to implementing full scale company-wide strategies – I enjoy bringing a relational approach to workplace mental health and leaving behind practical strategies that prove it has impact on the bottom line.

Pauline Gibbs

Elephant Mindfulness and Mental Health Trainer

I have over 25 years experience of community projects in the voluntary and statutory sectors. With projects ranging from community arts, youth and family work and mental health I specialise in training, inclusion, involvement and mindfulness and have been instrumental in the introduction and development of innovative and creative programmes within the NHS.

My passion is to promote wellbeing, resilience and creativity and to support access to mindfulness for all. Specialising in urban community settings and ‘seldom heard voices’, I am currently undertaking a project looking at BAME communities’ access to Mindfulness in the UK (supported by Bangor University/CMRP).

Angelika Chaffey

Elephant Mindfulness Trainer

I am a highly skilled, sensitive teacher qualified to teach Mindful Self-Compassion and Mindfulness in the Workplace programmes. I share my gifts of humour and warmth and am passionate about the healing power of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion, having trained with Dr. Kristin Neff, world leading researcher and teacher in this specialism.

I have worked with a range of clients in the fields of domestic violence and mental health and have honed my skills to deliver effective sessions to improve quality of life.

I love living in London with my beautiful daughter and very fluffy, affectionate cat.

Callum Ross

Elephant Consultant

The potential that strong communities and increased connections have on individual wellbeing and community health is yet to be fully realised.

I am proud to have created the largest cross-organisation workforce of peer support workers in Canada, building a movement of lasting change for the quality of mental health and addiction services.

I’ve successfully worked with corporate clients to build solutions and strategies that support an employee’s wellbeing, sense of belonging and productivity. With more than 15 years’ experience in mental health, I bring evidenced-based approaches to workplace mental health.

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