Your Pathway to Success

Poor mental health in the workforce dramatically effects productivity. Tackling this can achieve an 11:1 ROI, according to Deloitte
We address this holistically, using recommendations from Mind:

We identify the issues specific to your organisation, using this to create programmes to support your staff’s long term mental health. We then develop managers’ skills to better support their team. And we look to the long term by involving your staff, recruiting champions to build resilience within your organisation. Finally, we ensure we measure throughout the process so that we can learn and adapt as we go. This process can substantially increase productivity. 

Effective Programmes

We work with you to support you with the running of our programmes and ongoing implementation of plans.
Unique Blend
We offer a unique blend of coaching, management and lived experience of mental health issues relevant to your workplace.
Designed to suit you
We flex our programmes to best suit you, from  ½ day to whole day sessions separated by 1-2 weeks or longer to put what you learn into practice. Face to face or online.

Case Studies

Firmdale Hotels
We have worked with a range of Firmdale staff to coproduce a Mental Health policy to support staff and managers.
Royal Holloway University of London
We are supporting RHUL to deal with the growing issue of poor mental health in student populations.
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